Norton internet security

Norton internet is considered by many of us for the industry’s, home, and computer security solutions. Many of the user experience problems by using software, something that has followed by the publisher, Symantec, around for numbers of years.
From issues related to pc performances to uninstalling or installing, Norton internet has the same issue for the user to allow for configuring their firewall for gaming and it is also used for detecting spyware and also for less common malware. On the all, the result of this antivirus is excellent, but the system is often responsiveness.
It is right to say that from all, few of these problems have lead users to shun expensive packages, it may be a free solution. Let’s take a look at some main problem with Norton internet security.
Key problem of Norton internet security
Norton internet security might seem quite affordable, but for those who experienced problems with this suite, for them, the price is a major sticking point. Symantec has been reluctant to accept any refund requests or might reduced price upgrades, or may offer license extensions leaving the price just to see unbelievable placed in the place of free solutions, that may match the basic function of your pc but without affecting it.
Problem while installing Norton internet security has plagued the title for years. The best method is to install a fresh installed operating system that is updated with time to time with service packs and updated security packs. Installing Norton internet security onto an Os has a solution that may cause considerable problem.
Explorer crashing
Some of the issues referred to involving the hogging of the hardware resources, many of these causes the explorer to crash, one by one in windows XP and Vista. This manifests as an unresponsive desktop during which Norton internet security will attempt to active remain just to protect your pc. For more visit our site
Poor windows 7 upgrade compatibility
Many users have problems while upgrading window 7 and installing Norton internet security and it is resolved by installing the suite in safe mode or may be with clean boot set up in MSCONFIG.
Outlook, windows live mail compatibility and windows live
It is popular as a desktop email client, Microsoft office conflicts day by day and causes problems regarding Norton internet security during email scanning phase, or may be the email account type. A user employing other mail solution of the Microsoft such as window live mail.
If you have any problem regarding Norton antivirus then visit Norton support site